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The reviews of the Play Store Show aspects of games scores


The Play Store Google increasingly is defined as a special shop that find all kinds of multimedia content that we saciaremos that hunger prove video games, music, apps or other kinds of products like books or movies. This definition comes in the form of show more accurate information and give users greater capabilities when it comes to rating videogames, for example.

It is in video games where guest reviews to show the average score is now specialized in controls, gameplay or graphics. Three values with which you can tell quickly the technical quality of a video game and where you can limp or be noticeable to others. Since today is being displayed for multiple users the option to qualify these three vital points in the games and you can define them as good or bad.

These three ratings allow you to score what would be the controls, the gameplay or gameplay and graphics. They appear under qualification bars and on the section of reviews of the games themselves.

Users who are able to see these three circles, are also capable of scoring to give his own assessment and added to the average given by the rest. Instead of the typical process of review in 2 steps, what is rate it and add a review, there are three additional steps to assign points to the controls, gameplay and graphics separately.

For now, it seems that it is a test limited to a few users, so you can be subject to changes or mismamente disappear before our eyes, if the big G see unnecessary implementation at the moment. It can also happen to have to go through these steps to leave a review, you get the opposite effect and many users spend spend that time to think the score for graphics or mismamente controls.

An interesting addition to the Google Play Store, just a day after the announcement of Google Play Indie Games Festival.

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