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The rush to replace the defective 7 Note was the last straw for the device

Note 7

Two weeks that Samsung decided to finally cease production of the Galaxy Note 7, the company is still determining by which so many units are incendiaron. A nightmare for the Korean manufacturer that has yet to resolve and really know the cause to make it happen that so many Note 7 would be in this problem.

It is now when from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung declares that the rush were not good counselors and program substitutions that followed the reports of the first units to fire at the end of August, instead of help before the problem, did things to get worse.

Samsung conducted several tests of laboratory in them units defective and found “an extrusion in the batteries of the Note 7 supplied by Samsung SDI”, while them batteries of other provider not had that outgoing. If is has with the growing pressure from the customers and them operated, head of mobile of Samsung, DJ Koh, began a recall of 2.5 million of units after consult with Lee Jae-yong.

The decision to replace the units was based on a “comprehensive evidence” which was transformed into something worse for Samsung when “safe” Note 7 units began to catch fire, as it says Samsung

Lee and Koh believed they had all the evidence in his hand to conclude that the problem lay in the battery of Samsung SDI. They argued that it was more important for Samsung to make the right decision and act accordingly, rather than wait for more information. To the act as well, be allowed that the crisis even worse. On 2 September, Mr. Koh entered a newsroom in Seoul to inform the media. Without giving names, said that the company had identified a problem with one of its suppliers and had moved production to another who believed that it had not caused problems.

Finally, as we all know, production ceased, and while there is still an answer to the reason why Note 7 ignite, seems to be that the case containing the battery was too small for a 3,500 mAh. It is also known that Samsung has delayed work for the S8 Galaxy for two weeks while it is the reason for the Note 7 battery problems.

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