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The S7 edge of Samsung to my Mix of Xiaomi, or the transition from ancient to modern

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Yesterday we discovered what is have in the hand rather a screen that a smartphone with the Xiaomi my Mix. Possibly are before the next evolution of them smartphones, as has last with that trend “edge” drawn by Samsung and that now are copying both Xiaomi, with his My Note 2, as Huawei, with its matte 9. Are in a time important of change, when have last some years in which the range low-medium were being them protagonists of the market, until what are various devices that van to force to many to pass of that range to the more high.

He Xiaomi my Mix is a smartphone concept, but you can buy it if like and will have before you a device that causes other spectacular sensations. The video posted by Marques Brownlee, a famed youtuber, leave evidence the enjoyment that is to carry out all these daily actions from a smartphone that is simply a screen. As he says, my Mix immerses you in another experience of user which seems that it has taken of those sci-fi movies where the devices are merely screens and bezels seem to thing of the past; Yes, those S7 Galaxy edge, that Pixel or those iPhone. Because when you have a my Mix in your hand for the first time, and again those mentioned terminals, you will pass modern to the old in a single instant.

A great step in the design

These two last years is has been able to glimpse that something was changing in the design of them terminals. He first was Samsung with its Galaxy S6 edge, that came as a variant for those users more tired of the format more standard of the smartphones. The Korean company checked if same that sold more than most typical variant, and was on the S7 Galaxy edge showed where the real differences in sales. Galaxy Note 7 was completion of the step of the standard to the edge, although in a way malograda by the problems that we all know.

Mi Mix

But it is a fact that the “edge” is now in vogue and is my Note 2 of Xiaomi and Huawei 9 matte which confirmed the shift towards which we. The next step is already given, and yesterday was the time to find another kind of experience and other types of design. I suppose that Apple will have to learn some of those edge smartphones and my Mix, since they are his fans who are demanding changes in the design, so for the next iPhone, which presumably has to bring a new visual language, because they should know where they are going to go for the shots. Not lend is to that type of screens, could be deadly in need.

A smartphone which marks an epoch

It is still early, to be able to highlight that surely Mi Mix mark a before and after for the way in which we have understood to smartphones, since to the bezels on the side top and side, will have to wait to feedback that share users who buy it in the coming weeks and months. Xiaomi has made it clear that it is a concept for what could happen, since before this phone we have to the headset and the light sensor environment integrated on the same screen.

Mi Mix

But if return to play the video of Brownlee, as that interface of camera is sees best that in another phone current, the feeling that gives to the play content or as perform any action, the more simple and simple, is converts in something completely new and that leaves to them others phones current as if were of it was of the Pliocene.

If us almost babeamos to the see that my Mix managed by the famed youtuber, the major manufacturers is found in a crossroads. Which is anchored in the current format may be left behind in the career of technology that nobody does not expect, and that is set to the new advances, may take greater advantage if it is able to offer a smartphone to the my Mix which oblige to buy them almost without thinking to millions of people.

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