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The S8 Galaxy could bring a renewed design, a better camera and even service AI


If there is a company that now needs to emerge with a great smartphone to leave behind those low blows received, it is Samsung. The Korean company will concentrate on launching a S8 Galaxy that is not a continuation of the S7 edge, but he wants to grab all the attention possible so those problems with Note 7 are thing of the past. Is a risk in if, because, if brought a S8 without many innovations in the design and with a update important in hardware, would continue selling it.

But is rather than is risk, and is by this that the manufacturer Korean is looking for them forms for impact of a form powerful in all them means for when begin to get them first images renderings and information. According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, his plans are to incorporate a renovated design and an improved camera, not to mention one of the hot topics of the moment: an artificial intelligence service to the Google Assistant.

This information comes from the same mouth of Lee Kyeong-tae, Vice President of Samsung for mobile communications. Not left on the table details on specifications or how artificial intelligence service would work, but Samsung may have an ACE up its sleeve to recently acquire ViV, Wizard guided by voice that responds to questions in a natural way.

Viv has been called the wizard of the new generation and among faculties its ability to write your own code is to manage new tasks. To make you one idea in particular that can get to perform, this video shows it:

Click here to view the embedded video.

The idea, as happens to Google with your Assistant, is incorporated into the Internet of things products for the home, wearables and many others, as stated by the same Samsung:

With Viv, Samsung will be capable of unlock and offer new experiences for their customers, among which is includes a that simplifies the interfaces of the user, understands the context of the same and you offers them suggestions more appropriate and suitable.

Viv was created with both customers and developers in mind. Its dual approach is what has attracted us to Viv as the ideal candidate for Samsung household appliances , such as those gadgets, wearables and more, as well as the paradigm of how interact with technological changes to intelligent interfaces and control by voice.

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