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The S8 Galaxy could dispense with dual camera seen in other phones settings

Galaxy S7

This year has been one well important by the incorporation of them configurations dual of cameras in it part rear to which is has attached even Apple in its iPhone 7 Plus, although in this is the software which decides if use it secondary to perform them photographs.

And with the Galaxy S8, many thought count with a configuration equal in the rear, although according to a new rumor, belied others many, possibly Samsung dispense of this option for focus is in a unique lens as has come making in them previous editions.

And is that is knew that Samsung was preparing a configuration dual in the part back from its new Galaxy S8. But if we stick to what was said or leaked by a source from Weibo, one that already has his reputation won with honorable former leaks, the S8 could be launched with a single lens camera.

The Korean company has been able to decide to finally eliminate the dual benefit of a single camera to analyze the cost benefits resulting from the inclusion of two cameras in the back. He also knows well that his photography is simply spectacular and perhaps didn’t find the real benefit to put two cameras at the same place one that works very well.

Source not specified if plans for the dual lenses have been withdrawn for a few premium of S8 models, so we will have to wait for more leaks to see if we find some more special variants. What is interesting is that Samsung away from the competition here, and prefer to stay in a single camera lens, as did Google with your Pixel, although this is more for the 9 months that had to produce a great phone can understand.

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