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The sales of the HTC 10 does not comply with them expectations released by the company Taiwanese

HTC 10

Today is the day of them frustrations for some of them manufacturers that have tried launch devices of range high to the market to attract the attention of them million of users that seek a terminal with better screen, more RAM and a better photography. We talked about replacing some managers from LG that after failing to meet expectations in sales have passed the unemployment queue. A G5 which is a great phone, which I already made the analysis product, but which the own LG expected you to sell much more than it has done.

Now we go to HTC which, although it has two new Nexus as imminent to reach the market, does not seem that with its logo have been able to present a product that sold million units. Anyway, it is quite difficult after these two years in which it has passed into the background. And it is that HTC 10 sales are pretty depressed if alone to almost speak of a depression deeper from Taiwanese manufacturer unless you save by the options you may have with virtual reality and their lives.

The figures accurate to enter in a depression deep are that HTC has arrived to distribute 1 million of units in this year as sales total, according to reports TrendForce. A phone that first enthused by its components, but that when one knew its price, to the same height as the Galaxy S7, the best phone this year, was left with a poker face.

A failed total the not having lowered the price so unless anyone is it could think. Can not pass into the background for two years, and then try to follow the same profile in prices; you have to offer something else to draw attention.

Now you only have the hope of those phones Nexus which will come at the end of summer. That go across the fingers…

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