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“The Samsung Galaxy free S8 100,000 units”. We tell you how to participate in the more aggressive promotion of Samsung

Pantalla del Samsung Galaxy S8

There is no doubt that the biggest hype of today are raising by the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Samsung Galaxy is so much madness that have raised these two great terminals Android Samsung has opted for a very aggressive advertising campaign, so that the large multinational Korean, leader in sales of terminals Android, has prepared 100,000 units of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to literally give it to their loyal and die-hard followers.

All this, besides being an incredible and aggressive publicity campaign that will still give more hype to the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, also wanted to orient in note plan plan list of disclaimers by the errors committed in the past and, especially, claiming or buying a kind of forgiveness by the great made their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bomb shit and who had to opt for the total withdrawal of its many millions of units sold worldwide. If you want to opt for one of those 100,000 units of free Samsung Galaxy S8, you just have to continue reading this post where we explain the unique and simple requirement that you must meet to qualify for one of these free Samsung Galaxy S8 units.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Frontal

The only requirement to comply has put Samsung at the global level, which is that this is a pure and simple drawing which is available to everyone and to all kinds of public, is that us make followers of the official account on Twitter of Samsung Mobile and Samsung Spain official account.

From the link below you can make a supporter of the official Samsung Mobile Twitter account.

From this other link will do the same with the account officer Samsung Spain on Twitter.

Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 Plus

Simply with this and registering at this web site only with your full name, full address and an existing email account, already can choose to get one of these 100,000 units of free Samsung Galaxy S8 that Samsung gives us a chance to win to ask for forgiveness for mistakes made in the more recent past.

Easier impossible, would which you expect to take part in this incredible promotion which will mark a before and an after especially in the world of devices with Android operating system?.

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