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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which burned in an aircraft could be one of the replacement

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If today itself I have mentioned in a previous article, the problems with the washing machines Samsung, this year 2016 was being a nightmare for the Samsung, the thing may be complicated further if you have just confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which burned in an aircraft could be one of the replacement.

At the moment only have suspicions that this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Southwest Airlines exploded in mid-flight of an American Airlines plane, as it would have confirmed and secured its own owner, this just be changed by one of these new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement, so if I have previously mentioned that Samsung the dwarfs are growing them now definitely these dwarves would be a few authentic Giants hitting strong and merciless on the balls of the multinational Korean.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (3)

At the moment this new and latest case known so far of an explosion of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, could be even more serious than the previous cases, and is that you dimensions which could get the consequences of which will be confirmed that effectively if it is a Samsung Galaxy Note of replacement, would cause havoc in the great multinational Korean causing a call to alert , and again, to require all its customers who have received already one of these so-called new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of replacement and free of bugs, again to repeat the process of change of the terminal by one that hopefully this time if that is free of this serious security flaw that lead them to explode into a thousand pieces.

Either way this thing in the hands of the federal agency of Aviation of the United States and the Committee on safety of consumer products in the United States, two agencies that are conducting investigations and research needed to verify and sure if really it’s one of these new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of replacement. Thing if you just confirm, as he has told Bloomberg the own Pamela Gilbert, a former Executive of the Committee on safety of consumer products, which has secured that: “If finally manages to make one of these replacement products has actually been responsible for the incident, this would lead to Samsung had to remove all these new terminals in the market in a call to action to its customers to” preserve the security of such”.

Toda la información acerca del nuevo Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It Let us hope that Samsung has a little of that good fortune that it seems that in the past two months has left him completely, and finally this is not one of those Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement, if not, the great slap which Samsung could receive in the face, I could do that it will take a lot but what a long time to recover from such powerful backhand. But if something can be said in favour of which is without doubt one of the majors on the planet, it is that if someone is trained and is able to get out of such important Brown, this is without a doubt a Samsung.

Finally, as I have mentioned already on several occasions, this, much that me despite or cost put it, is a thing sooner or later had to go, and is that when you put forward economic above the customer satisfaction results, or what is worse of all, the safety and integrity of their customers This is the least with what you can find, which until just a couple of months was the company that was to amaze the world with your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

From here Androidsis and I personally, still very but very critical with Samsung, we wish that all this is resolved in the best possible way and that cause too much havoc to which until today continues to be one of the reference companies in the world of mobile technology.

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