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The Samsung Galaxy S8 could have front-facing camera with autofocus

Galaxy S7

This year 2016 has been quite interesting for several reasons, although we have some news that Samsung probably won’t remember in years. Apart from the disaster of Note 7, has been the confirmation of the roots of the “edge” in the Galaxy S7, an excellent terminal that has achieved that manufacturer already has this smartphone as the base format for their next terminals.

The Galaxy S8 will have a greater importance of the planned, because will be the terminal that can put a curtain of smoke to all it happened with the Note 7. Already been to various leaks that put us before a version edge, another without bevels, another with 6 GB RAM and many others counting than 832 Snapdragon chip will be its SoC. We now have a new rumor: front camera with autofocus.

Autofocus in a terminal is not so easy at first, because needs a little more than space to locate it in the front. Is by this that not have seen to them range high incorporating this capacity of autofocus to perform even better selfies.

But from Korea of the South, arrive them good new with a Samsung that is looking for the form of improve them capabilities of them selfies and so compete against others devices that not is characterized by the autofocus in its cameras front, by what would be another point interesting to attract the attention of them more young; more concerned by this type of elements.

The curious thing about the S8 Galaxy is that it seems the device “that will have everything”, and that it would be a pretty significant improvement when compared with the Galaxy S6 and S7 Galaxy. Already have mentioned in numerous occasions, that the manufacturer Korean need as water of mayo a terminal that capture the greater attention possible to leave the theme of the Note 7 as thing of the last, so a great S8 could be the best form possible of make it.

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