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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive before and without physical home button

El Samsung Galaxy S8 podría llegar antes de lo esperado y sin conector jack

After the fiasco and the bad image caused by the failed launch of the Galaxy Note 7, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a key device for the South Korean company which will try to improve its image.

And in this sense, a recent report suggests that Samsung will do everything possible to demonstrate to consumers and rivals who is still able to create large devices. To do so, the company will introduce significant hardware changes in the S8 Galaxy of 2017, as the removal of the physical home button.

Galaxy S8, major changes to regain confidence

In order to stop the bad image provided by the failed launch of the Galaxy Note 7, and it seems not having finished, Samsung could launch the Galaxy S8 sooner than expected. However this end is not yet decided. What does seem to have decided the company is to provide its next flagship of major changes and new features.

According to the latest rumors, Samsung will eliminate its next flagship physical home button, Galaxy S8. And this forces us to ask ourselves: where will the fingerprint sensor placed? As well, the same report points out that this will be staying in the screen itself.

Samsung curved screens have enabled the company to eliminate the side bezels EDGE models, and now this curved screen will be extended also to the top and bottom edges. As noted from Sammobile, this would imply that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be “full-screen”.

The report also refers to the information provided by “a representative of the components industry” to point out that the S8 Galaxy will be the first model in this series to introduce a dual camera. Apparently the decision has already been made, and only remains to be set if these two cameras will be integrated into a single module or separately.

Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed by what we still have to listen to many rumors until the device to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2017.

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