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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a 90% ratio screen/volume like my MIX

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Just four days ago I mentioned the possibility that the Galaxy S8 had a screen with un of the Xiaomi my MIX-like display/volume ratio, a phone that has surprised by closer to what would be the next trend and devices of science fiction movies. Came to that conclusion because came this news in which is cries out that the Galaxy S8 will have a sensor of footprints integrated in the same screen, as happens with the own of the my MIX.

Now have a new information that comes from the same Korea of the South, House of Samsung, in which indicates that could have a Galaxy S8 without bevels similar to the my MIX of Xiaomi. Is a publication Korean which warns of that the next ship logo of Samsung would have changes drastic in the design with a display that would have the part superior to it edge in a panel OLED.

It is the own publication The Investor that holds that Samsung Display declined the option to give an opinion on the matter, but that said there are several sources that indicate that the process for this Galaxy S8 without bevels would be underway.

Park Won-sang, one of the main engineers on Samsung Display, had some interesting words said in the 2016 Imids in Seoul last week:

Samsung Display would deploy a full screen in which the ratio of screen/volume you would come to more than 90 percent for next year.

Today the screens that we have in our smartphones have an average in this close to 80 per cent ratio. Although the recently announced MIX my Xiaomi reaches 91.3% of screen/volume ratio. So, if the Galaxy S8 approached 90% already you can Intuit the aesthetics and design of this device that Samsung would remove the bad publicity with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Everything is possible.

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