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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have optical fingerprint scanner

Galaxy S7 edge

We are going in the right direction to go knowing all the news and features that will bring the Samsung Galaxy S8. A terminal that production has been delayed, while Samsung is the reason why the Galaxy Note 7 was set on fire. The Korean manufacturer does not want to return to make the same mistake, since it would be insurmountable, apart from cost to much to regain the credibility.

From Weibo now indicates that the device will include an optical fingerprint sensor, which would be the first of the world including on a smartphone. A novelty well interesting that will have that wait to be torné in certain and real, since still are to months of that that smartphone is announced.

Nor have been rumors silenced in regard to a S8 Galaxy that is nearly all screen, as well as the spectacular my Mix of Xiaomi. Although it seems strange that Samsung will be playing innovating with a display that still have to prove the results it will give when hundreds of users are in their day to day for what has been called as a concept.

Is for this reason that it had even suggested that Samsung could integrate the fingerprint scanner on the same screen, which may even prevent adding a physical button. But again to say it himself, are changes too many radical when the manufacturer Korean now need launch a range high that not have problems and follow the line continuity of the S7 edge.

But the reality is that that scanner optical of fingerprint fingerprint allows perform scans of footprints through the glass, what possibly would give to the S8 the capacity of have it full in the screen. Also, this type of sensor optical improve accuracy in recording the footprint.

Would be a dream having a Galaxy S8 to it my Mix, but after what happened with the Note 7 seems too risky. If another Rooster had sung with the phablet of Samsung, it could have options for that risk to take.

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