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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will use the same battery that the of the Note 7

Note 7

This month will know finally what happened really so is burned and explode them Galaxy Note 7 when were loading is or mismamente when were in the surface of a table. Samgung will share the result of their research along this month with all us for so reassuring to the next customer that pass by box to acquire one of its new ships logo.

And so we can get this news, Samsung seems to knows that batteries were not the problem specifically for the fire of the various devices Note 7. A new report indicates that batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI would not have been the reason that they burned and that is to be the own SDI which will supply the batteries for the imminent Samsung Galaxy S8.

And be sure to mount the battery of Samsung SDI, since it is known that he is preparing everything so that we have in our hands one of the best Android phones to date. Leave a “possibility” that the S8 Galaxy fire would be virtually insane and with money and prestige that are at stake, we do not believe that Samsung is so kamikaze play it in such a way.

The curious thing about the case is that Samsung initially you cast blame on the batteries produced by Samsung SDI of the problems that had the Note 7. But later, in the recall performed, created by Amperex also suffered the same fate.

Now we have to see if the results of investigations are used to return confidence to many users who have ever bought Samsung handsets. Possibly be so if the manufacturer Korean launches a Galaxy S8 simply perfect both in performance as in virtues. So that in their own hands is that everything goes like silk and not return to meet a bad nightmare.

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