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The Samsung Galaxy S8 would get an experience type ‘ Continuum’

Samsung Desktop Experience

Which each time have more memory RAM, best CPUs and a greater storage internal of base, us allows already go intuiting the future that US hopes with our smartphones, when these can be processed in a small computer portable to convert that screen in the desktop in which can make them tasks more basic that perform in them PCs to day of today.

Continuum of Microsoft and Convergence of Ubuntu are that are opening this way to transform our smartphones in desktops. Now seems that Samsung would be joining this trend in just a few months if the filtering that we have in our hands is such as it is. Supposedly, Samsung would be calling to your bet as Desktop Experience, and is precisely identical to the feature Continuum of Windows 10 Mobile.

Tracing to Continuum

Already know that all them big brands is copied and trace them one to the others. If one releases a new feature, matter of weeks and months than LG, Samsung or Apple will be a throw also putting his own name and even have the face to say that it has created it itself. Are all that make this same, what happens that is that which gives the first step, which greater acceptance takes. This happens with the assistance virtual, them cameras dual or those gadgets that will be filling our home to have us of all those services.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will result in Continuum of Windows 10 Mobile when you connect a monitor with a cable and a wireless keyboard and mouse. In the monitor, one can see that environment mode desktop as family, although with a pitcher of apps similar to the own Chrome OS. It also shows what are Android apps, as it is Samsung’s own gallery, floating windows. And this, in the end, is what is in Continuum, but with the exception of what is the floating part.

A surprise for the Galaxy S8

To tell the truth, the S8 Galaxy looks like that you have more than one you might expect. Hopefully everything goes to fruition and everything works properly. Although is true that goes taking each time best pita if one begins to pick up all the news and rumors that have gone emerging related with this new phone that would come in the month of April.


He have an experience type Continuum could give much life to the versatility and options of this terminal. The most curious case is that any kind of news has not been given previously, for what catches us slightly with surprise. Also there are that say that Samsung has had the technology and the features already lists, as would those windows floating. All that would have been would be spinning them together to show what the Samsung Experience Desktop on your S8 Galaxy.

As I have already mentioned, that the S8 Galaxy outside which gave place to that Desktop Experience, manages to give a good twist to how we accepted what is the flagship of Samsung. It would put him in a special position in terms of productivity, something which has always been oriented Galaxy Note series. If it has already been rumored that the S8 Galaxy could have its own S Pen, another exclusivity of the Note, the certainty of having a Galaxy S series that took the spaces left by the Note, is taking increasingly more color so that you don’t miss when it is announced the day of its release worldwide.

See finally where ends all with the Galaxy S8, since of time almost can say that will have of all, although surely that any of those features is fall by the road, unless them executives of Samsung is have since firm and not want to leave nothing in the Inkwell.

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