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The ship logo of Nokia is going turning in a powerful terminal


Yesterday we performed a review of the developments that will bring us that 2017 MWC Nokia which will take place in Barcelona as it happens every year. A CITES unavoidable in which know the intentions real of this company that relegate in another for the manufacturing of their expected terminals Android.

Among those terminals is one well featured and would be the flagship of this company, that we have been listening rumors since May when a Finnish company acquired the brand and announced intentions to manufacture those desired Android phones.

After the acquisition is take to out, new rumors began to navigate by the network of networks suggesting that at least would be two smartphones ship logo which is announced low it mark Nokia in 2016. Those devices include a chip Snapdragon 820, but now have a new rumor hovering by the window offering more information about what is may find in the bowels of that mobile of Nokia.


The filtering shows that the device is characterized by a screen of 5.2 inches or an of 5.5 with resolution Quad HD, chip Snapdragon 820 and modules of camera Carl Zeiss. The device also will be resistant to the water with certified IP67. Finally, filtration indicated that the new device will be revealed at the time that the Mobile World Congress 2017.

What is strange is that there is talk 820 Snapdragon chip, when we present the 821 and a 835 to fall in the first half of 2017. Anyway, will be a terminal that will be necessary to look at it from any concept in general and see that the lens are able to Carl Zeiss in an Android smartphone. Above all, after having the Leica in Chinese smartphone from Huawei that they still see their integration complete.

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