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The social network of the fashionable, Trendy, already has his app for Android

Trendy es una red social para promocionar, vender y comprar productos de moda

It Trendy, which means “fashionable” translated from English, is a social network based in Spain (more specifically in Barcelona) who was born this year 2016 and that, as you’ve already been able to deduce, is dedicated to the world of fashion and design. Its creators claim that it is the first social fashion trends that exist in the world market.

And it is that Trendy gathers on your social network to the three main profiles that make up the world of fashion today:

  • On the one hand are them designers and sellers, that can offer their products through this network social and so have a space in a world where predominate the large brands.
  • On the other hand, they are the influencers, those people with many followers are the order of the day in terms of fashion and which discussed the latest trends and style, that step also can earn extra money at the expense of these recommendations and make bridge between users and vendors.
  • And finally are them users end, which seek some complement, any garment or any look full, and can acquire what seek through this network social through a system of purchase simplified in just three steps.

Until now Trendy, this social system buy, sell and promote products of fashion, was only accessible via the web even from mobile dispoisitivos, presenting a tailored web. But since 25 October they already have an Android app, compatible with all systems from version 4.0.3 onwards, rather than the most loyal users of this social network came demanding long.

The app, and registration in the social network, is free. Those interested in downloading it just have to enter the Play Store and enter in the search box “Trendy Guru”, either click on the link we offer in the Appbox just here below:

Download: T R E N D (Free, Google Play) →

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