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The startup Nextbit for its production and sells its assets to Razer


Razer is an of them brands more recognized in the world of the gaming and by those peripheral that allow give you a touch more special to the keyboard, the headphones or those mice with crowd of keys and lights that stand out to the press any of them. According to a company that seems that want to extend their business would be mobile, you can know this news.

Nextbit, the startup guilty of manufacture that peculiar smartphone Robin, has stood of sell the device and has sold its assets to the manufacturer Razer. The terms of the agreement, which was closed last Friday, have not been published, but it is Tom Moss, CEO of Nextbit, which has made it very clear that all 30 workers of this startup will begin his tour in Razer to work on mobile devices as part of a new unit in that company.

Is something quite curious by the made of that Razer always is has focused in that part more than entertainment of the gaming in PC, by what opens its doors to other possibilities. Nextbit has ceased to own sales of Robin, having sold all the production carried out in the month of January.

For those that spent by the buy of that smartphone, Moss has said that Razer has allowed that is offer the support to the hardware for the next six months and updates of software during 12. Something that is quite negative for holders of a phone Robin, although a better choice than the taken by Fitbit when it recently acquired Pebble.

Nextbit brought to life to that phone Robin with the aim of offering a smartphone where users could book space to keep photos and apps in the cloud or cloud. It was in 2015, when it took the decision to manufacture their own phones with a focus in the middle range. He came to reach one million dollars in sales on Kickstarter, which was double its initial goal.

Now begin with another adventure for give wings to Razer to introduce is in the difficult market of those devices mobile.

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