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The subscription of Google Drive are migrated to them payments from Google Play


Google Play is becoming the best way to manage subscriptions that one can have monthly. If we have associated Google account in the store for payments by operator, we can access multimedia content that we will pay monthly when the phone bill reaches us. Various forms of have this app, that game or that record of our favorite music group.

Even since you can manage your subscription to Google Drive from Google Play. This what it means is that, if you pay €2 per month for an extra capacity, you can do it from your own smartphone through the Play Store for your convenience. A very interesting novelty that already it announced ago weeks the big G, but that not is has made reality until the day of today.

Are several those users that are reporting that can begin to manage the payments of storage extra from the Google Play. A novelty that makes great sense, since Google managed subscription from a single page, so now he combines everything in the Play Store so can cancel or manage that storage extra.

Them prices of them subscriptions and the center of helps will continue to equal without any change, and not is modifies nothing that have that see in how is access to them files, with the only difference of the space or place where can control what you pay monthly by that X amount of gigabytes monthly.

To check if already changes have occurred in your account, nothing more than you have to go to the subscriptions section and see if you have it available from it. Also, Google has sent an email to those who have a subscription to inform him of the change, so all might already have it active with an email warning of this.

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