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The success of Tigerball and its great physics objects and fun


The physical of objects allows that in some video games, as in this of makes months, it random is convert in short satisfaction, that leads finally to us since inevitably to that that never know how goes finish. It is this chaos and mystery by what might happen, what keeps us hooked to the screen to see how goes shooting that bird we just pull with a slingshot and that has impacted against a series of obstacles in the great Angry Birds. That physical of objects makes a great work for of form real ones columns end up killing some of those pigs in that game of Rovio.

Tigerball is another game that is worth of the physical of objects for present us some mechanical and a gameplay very enviable by others so many titles that surely will try to follow the wake left. Not is invents nothing new in Tigerball, but that know choose them elements specific for draw a game that engages much, more a physical of objects very realistic, leaves all of the side of the player to not stop of play you and is convert in one of them hits of the year in the Google Play Store. So not know that install to remove you the tedio in any of the afternoon that you expect in these holiday of Christmas, Tigerball comes in your help.

The physics of objects to define a great casual game

As simple as putting a boat in which should put the damn ball and a series of boxes like obstacles, so with the gesture, we measure the strength of the shot. Released the finger, can see as the ball goes bouncing in walls and those blocks of all them forms to finally us stay with them desire of “dunk it” in the boat. With this simple gameplay, lots of levels that will be we tested our ability to overcome and understanding of the mechanics involved in Tigerball Iran by drawing.


And is that, to the equal that can occur in the pool, will have to of know hitting well with the ball so this go bouncing exactly to fall in the boat. Luck will also be on our side in some moments when we don’t know or how has gone to stop the ball when it has rebounded on the wall, has fallen on the edge of the boat and two smaller boats fall into it. Made this, pass to the next level.

The ability of the shot

In Tigerball must of know manage well the gesture with which give the inertia initial and trajectory of the ball. That shot out quickly, or is left to a few centimeters that can circumvent any of these obstacles that iras finding levels depend on this.


Accounts with a series of lives that you go eating and bombs that will destroy all those obstacles, so you only have worried you know to Dunk the ball. Tigerball has 100 levels and 20 worlds in which you face a great unhinged at certain times since being so Curran physics objects, sometimes it becomes difficult to not send the game to a place that we all know and I’m not going to say.

A video game that got you free from the Play Store, and it becomes one of the best casual of the year no doubt. If you were looking for that fun and casual game, lacking the appointment, and install it now.

Technical quality


In a game of this type what there is that look is that the physical of objects comply with the objective of that seems real them boats and the movement of the same. You get perfectly and only we have to note the which as a whole is well made.

Opinion of the editor


  • Careful physical objects
  • 100 levels
  • It engages in too much


  • Have no video presentation trailer

Download application

Download: Tigerball (Free+, Google Play) →

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