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The TAG Heuer gold Pink is a smartwatch Android Wear that not can allow you

TAG Heuer

The smartwatches are products which they are taking it very hard. And the truth that sometimes makes it difficult to understand why, since it is a product of which two decades ago was simply must not live without one. But today, from one of the actions to which we are more accustomed, as it is to make the Mobile Pocket Pant or bag, we can know the time or look at those notifications, so you have two products that do the same thing, many see it as nonsense and waste of time.

TAG Heuer that has been uploaded to this slow train which are the smartwatches to show a smart watch just have that to get the idea that we will never buy it. The version rose gold of its Android Wear which launched almost a year ago comes at a price of almost $ 10,000. Now you can understand that header or holder that it stars in this story of a watch for very few.

We will not deceive that TAG Heuer is a prestigious brand and the launch of these watches that possibly found your buyer can afford. Of all forms, this company is is a little away from focus is in the sale of this type of clocks connected and not is is pulling to the pool. A wise move due to the few sales that get this kind of products.

TAG Heuer Connected

Perhaps the idea comes rather from introducing a smartwatch for those younger generations that allows them to know the qualities that often prevail in this brand of watches. Possibly, some will think in purchasing one, but without those “smart” values are so in vogue today.

This variant gold bear of TAG Heuer Connected Watch costs 9.990 dollars and are worth of Android Wear. It has an Intel Atom processor, an element that differentiates them from the rest of the market smartwatches.

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