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The two surprising stakes of LG for the audio


Them wearables van to be a type of devices that without wanting to go seeing them more by them streets, especially by the capacity that has to make us the life more comfortable, although surely that many aesthetically are a little rare. But is it say to those that wore them Google Glass with those gestures so special to perform some functions.

LG is ready to reveal two interesting products for the audio at CES. The first is the LG Tone Studio, which is actually a necklace with integrated speakers that put music as if you “surround”. The second is the LG PJ9, a portable speaker that levitates and floating on a basis to offer a high-quality audio.

LG Tone Studio is a collar that has 4 speakers in total, two of them arranged on top and two on the bottom, which provide an experience of surround sound thing to try to really learn about what type of audio product we are talking about.

LG Tone Studio

This device wearable born of the collaboration with DTS to bring an experience of audio kinematics beyond where you find with that necklace so particular by its form. The idea would have to fit so that the peculiar experience in sound made you forget the pints you’ll have when you do since.

The LG PJ9 is a portable speaker that levitates and offering a quality audio. A product intended to accompany us when we leave home for so play our favorite music without having to relegate the speakers of a tablet or smartphone.

Its capacity of flotation is must thanks to them electromagnets located in the inside of the station of levitation and are them responsible of create an effect visual to the not touch any surface or cable when sounds the music. A speaker 360 degree Omni-directional with a design inspired in turbines.

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