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The type Snapchat stickers are now available to everyone on Twitter


This week have had an of them best additions in Twitter with the appearance of the mode night u dark that you da other feel in the appearance visual to the app official of the network social of micromensajes. A wise choice that put into doubt many users to know if they really need another client that is not the official, already the hand of Joaquim Vergés, creator of the fabulous Falcon Pro, already begins to notice.

Twitter a month ago announced its intentions to bring the stickers to your social network, but in the way that would allow using these as if they were hashtags to position them strategically in the photos we’d like to. Now is when the type Snapchat stickers are now available to everyone on Twitter. A great option for the diversity and that between some of their features is located the capacity of that can be sought.

To be able to be searched, means that we can find all kinds of photos in which a sticker is used in concrete, so you can discover the lighthearted ways in which users will use these stickers to the Snapchat. This initiative comes from the social network of micromensajes to promote another way to attract more users to your network.

The stickers are very popular, and there are few apps, such as Snapchat or Facebook Messenger, which give free rein to their use. Even services like Line, an Asian messaging app, get much out of them as we saw not long ago. So it seems that Twitter looking for ways to monetize these stickers in some ways and not relegated in other ways, since the reality is that you sum in his breast to millions of users who use the service on a daily basis.

These stickers have now the icon located in the bottom right of the photo you want enclosed. You press the button, and will be shown a menu with the available stickers, selects it and adheres to the image.

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