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The unlocked versions of the HTC 10 begin receiving Android Nougat

HTC 10 Nougat

Many things can be blamed to you to HTC, in recent years, but at certain times They are known to behave quite well. HTC 10 has been a great phone, but it has not earned the popularity of the Android community so it has been a terminal with a large reception area in sales.

But there is something that can boast the Taiwanese company, and is that, while other manufacturers are bundled with programs betas of Nougat, in today’s unlocked HTC updates 10 0 are beginning to receive the update to version 7.0 Android Nougat.

As it is the case in this type of updates, they will have to go reaching operators and by the regions, apart from the fact that the first phones that are obtaining Nougat are those that are not blocked. Is unknown really when the rest will have Nougat, but is a step very important so many may have their ration of nougat of Android, even before the arrival of the Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving! HTC 10 unlocked owners will receive Nougat OS update tomorrow morning! Enjoy!

-Mo Versi (@moversi) November 24, 2016

It is in a Tweet that has been given the big news on Thanksgiving Day in the United States, so surely many users of this phone will be well pleased by this.

As happens with other phones, in the time that is available in more regions, you can access the forums most recognized, such as HTCmania and XDA Forums, to access the ZIPs and update the firmware with which you can have these news of Nougat notably system doze, to be activated even when you take the terminal in your Pocket , or the ability to include shortcuts to apps in the notifications panel.

An update that leaves good taste to those who risked buying a HTC 10 after a few years of collapse of this manufacturer.

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