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The video call is now available on WhatsApp, though only for some users


An of the most anticipated features in WhatsApp for quite some time have been video calls. It has been known that WhatsApp team was working on this functionality since some time and joined voice calls as another of those characteristics that afternoon or early reach most used currently messaging app in the world.

In the day of today is appearing for some users the option of making video calls. A big change to what is this app for messaging that would directly compete against Queens in this category such as Skype or Hangouts. The curious thing about this deployment, which is supposed to be regional, is that they can be activated in a way that we will then share with you.

If you find yourself in any of the WhatsApp beta versions, from that program in the Google Play Store, you won’t have to upgrade anything, since it will thus appear as nothing. That Yes, if you make a video call and the receiver of the same do not have active, having an old version of the app, only thing you can do is make an audio call.

To my same, after update WhatsApp from the Google Play Store (I’m in the channel beta), me sale available to the press the icon of called in the window of conversation. Emerges a menu in which is can see the option of call of audio or call of video.

Of video call press and walk directly into this functionality that will open a whole new world of options to contact friends or family. If you’re in the last beta version of WhatsApp, there are some users who have managed to force its activation to perform deleted data and launch WhatsApp again. That Yes, remember that you must make a copy of the chat you have to not lose them.

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