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The voice call is the new feature of Slack


Slack, of which I spoke not long ago in depth, is a software aimed at collaborative work in working groups and companies that has a number of obvious virtues. In the difficult market of software in which we are right now, it has been able to open road with a great set of features that have coaxed millions of users around the world.

Slack has now announced that the feature of voice call to your service of communication equipment, which has been undergoing tests in the beta for months, has begun to be deployed to the final version. A new capability that wants it is well put difficult to other more specific services in calls like Skype or Hangouts.

In the desktop version of Slack, both Windows and Mac, the new call feature is available when you click on the telephone icon in the top right of the header of channels. To do the same in mobile apps, you can access by clicking on the option “Start a call” in the channel of the app or the pop-up menu of direct messages.


For the Group call, available only for payment equipment, when one is initiated, you will receive a message that invite you to participate in it, what will save you wasting time through other more complicated methods. Some of the details of the call of Slack voice, including answers with emojis that lets you select one and show it on the avatar, this form expresses an emotion without having to interrupt the speaker.

Slack, of this form, it offers more features and is aimed at one target in which do not or lack access to other services to make the most possible to those teams.

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