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The Xperia, Sony Ear voice Assistant expects his arrival in November

Xperia Ear

The assistance of voice goes go taking each time more impact until in a future early arrive to have talks totally natural as has the protagonist of Her, with the actor Joaquin Phoenix, with its new system operating of which, incidentally, is falls in love with. As still remains much to those infatuations Cyber, are several the companies that van opening road towards that future.

Sony announced their new series X to which is accompanied with the announcement of several gadgets to the Internet of them things. Among those gadgets is spoke of Xperia Ear, some headphones bluetooth wireless that will allow perform all type of tasks through command of voice. Now we know that for the month of November will come to the market, almost to the same time that the alternative of Google with your gadget for the home, Home.

That experience of virtual assistance of Xperia Ear include the dictated message, searches on the web, get directions, check events calendar or mismamente weatherman. Nothing that is difference of what offers Google Now and that will be registered in your Google Home.

From that date of presentation of the series X, Sony not was had pronounced on this gadget for the Internet of the things. Now, in the fair IFA has revealed that attachment will be released in the month of November in selected markets, although it has not said the price, for what will be at the moment in the mystery.

More to be an accessory for Google Now, the handset employs what has called Sony as your “agent” to be a personal assistant. Anyway, everything we know about this gadget is that it will have a full day of battery and that it will be light enough so that it is worn without being heavy.

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