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The YouTube app will include new filters in search results


The YouTube app has some obvious differences with the desktop version. Also the mobile version has been receiving several new features that many users has become everything a cocktail of tabs and categories which costs sometimes made with her to move no more than to a favorite channel.

It is now when Google wants to improve some aspect of the app, but with regard to the results of searches for videos that we do. These new options are for new filters that will introduce and that would be on par with the desktop version where you can filter videos by rating, relevance and counter plays.

These new features have been found to the certain lines of code found in the latest version of the app, just the version 11.20.54. Anyway, has not been at any moment these new options for the filter in the same application, so it is not known when these new options could be included for users in a final version.

In the desktop version of YouTube, there is a greater variety of options for filtering. In the version of Android is only have the option to filter by day, duration, type of content or quality. The lines of code reveal that it would add: counter reproductions, relevance and ratings.

These three new options in the filter would give more power to the user to control what kind of videos are displayed in the search and it would ensure that only the most popular videos and the most liked are those who teach in the results. A deficiency that we have had in this app that it sometimes seemed that only is YouTube which indicated to us that kind of videos we could find.

Anyway, we should expect that YouTube definitely incorporate these new options in the filter. A small novelty that reaches to the days of improve the video options menu.

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