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There are Day is updated with the day laborers rose and Ernesto that you will help with your farm

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Supercell will have few games Google Play store, but he is able to have them updated to satisfy millions of players which vitiate them on a daily basis. One of them is there Day, a simulator of farm that in his years of life has been able to evolve to be one of the simulators with more content from the Google Play Store. Hottest updates have gone through these lines to tell you the most interesting details of these. This summer last is updated with the trade for the neighborhood that allows that between the neighbouring that engage that community of farmers, can exchange you all those products food that your farm produces.

Yesterday has been updated with a great novelty: the day laborers. Rosa and Ernesto come in your help to be hired and thus take care of some of the more tedious tasks of there Day, the be collecting more basic products of the game and which are the basis for producing these pizzas, cakes and all kinds of desserts that you can trade in the village or that neighborhood hoping to more exquisite products with best quality. Both will be help you with these tasks while you are away, so you can produce more and better so that, when you return, have everything ready to trade and get the money that need you to buy more goods and update your farm.

Two day laborers very currant: Rosa and Ernesto

For a small fee, of time during a week you’ll have them for free, Rosa and Ernesto may take these most basic tasks there are Day. While rose will feed your animals and collect their products when they are ready, such as bacon or eggs, Ernesto is responsible for work in the dairy and sugar. The two will have their own storage space for products that go collecting, so come very handy to save yourself a bit of site on the farm.

Hay Day

They have their own house in the upper part of the farm and you can access the two by clicking on it. Rosa and Ernesto appear so you can select either of the two. You will have a list of products that you can ask them so that they take care of their process. Rosa will use the crops of your silo to think in the grinder, feed the animals and will pick up the products. Ernesto, on the other hand, will use the ingredients of the silo or barn (sugar cane, cow or goat milk), will lead them to the production machines and gather created products.


With this said, will have to try to maintain sufficient crops in your silo, since workers will not plant or harvest crops and will no longer lock if they run out of ingredients. The quantity of products that you can ask depends of your level. Them icons in the window of orders will change from which confirms that the product is already produced, the icon blue indicates that is is replenishing and the Red that there is a problem of production that has that see with that not have those ingredients sufficient. Other data interesting is that the think not consume space in the storage of pink.

The features additional of the update


Also is has added several extras as are those ornaments exclusive to the Fund’s awards of the Derby; the offer of the lumberjack, that includes the Elimination of them trees and bushes wilted in Exchange for some few diamonds; and a well special, If carry over 2 years playing to there Day will receive a gift to all the world that between see that you are a player expert in the video game.

A very interesting update that arrives for help with those tasks more basic and that many have expected from whenever could automate it. Laborers have come to do this, so I don’t know that you expect to update there is Day to avail you of your hands and your great work.

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