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There are more details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Note 7

Five days after the launch of Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone that will continue to maintain these spectacular figures that Samsung has collected in its financial results (more than 70 Galaxy S7 million sold), yet still emerging new leaks and details about this smartphone that comes to conquer the world as in the logo made the previous ship.

This series of details come from a source that has a good curriculum in previous leaks, so it puts us before some confirmations as it is the finish glass in the rear and those curves on the sides for the single edge version. It has also shared the information related to the USB type-c that will include a microUSB adapter. And not alone these are confirmations or details.

Iris scanner is a reality and the skills of the stylus have been updated to allow the Pen S can use the magnifying glass or to become an instant translator, so will have to see it to see how it handles on-site.

Another detail is directed toward Samsung Cloud, possibly offering 5 GB of free storage with Note 7. Upgrade to TouchWiz includes much white, a new bar State and icons of apps-shaped rounded. One of the peculiarities of the Galaxy Note 7 is that you can reduce the scale of the display resolution up to the 720 p HD; This is to save battery power. This is related to the condensed display modes that would be found in TouchWiz.

And Samsung has prepared a new version of VR Gear that can work with Note 7 and will be compatible with the former flagships. Internal components, we go to the 4GB of RAM and 64 GB internal memory. We were eager to know everything about this phone, so on Tuesday we turn to see.

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