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There will be 8 Note Galaxy and will display 4K to the VR

Note 7

An of them rumors that arose in the last weeks related with the series Note, even almost is gave to understand that a variant of the Galaxy S8 could replace it, is that Samsung is would retain this year in launch the Galaxy Note 8. This is thought that would be to stop ‘ breathing ‘ to a series that is has seen very damaged by all it happened with the Note 7.

Would have his reason and its logical, but from a news that us arrives right now, seems that Samsung is decided on launch the Galaxy Note 8. Is due to the phablets market (phones from the 5.5 to 6, 5″) continues to grow in sales and they don’t want to leave any other brand to occupy their space of domination; even you will have display 4 K for virtual reality.

The Galaxy S8, who it was claimed it was going to be replaced with a Variant to the series Note this year, is characterized by intelligent artificial assistance, which would be called Samsung as ‘Bixby’.

But not only is is the news here, but an Executive from the company partner of Samsung Electronics has said that the company Korean will introduce the resolution 2 K in the Galaxy S8, but that will use it 4 K for the resolution in screen of the Galaxy Note 8 for offer an improved experience of reality virtual with the device.

What seems strange is how can solve the problems of temperature that can reach to take a device when is projecting content in 4 K through the GearVR. Guess that would have that wait slightly to as is goes developing the deployment of them phones for daring is to put is the GearVR, since that type of content 4 K usually get heat much them terminals to the demand all the resources of the hardware.

Although this news is that will again have a new Note. A Note 7 that this month even know the results of the research of Samsung.

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