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These are the first images of the first smartwatch of Meizu; It could be announced August 10


We have a variety of smartphones that come from Chinese land that put us before all kinds of specifications, prices and virtues several that have been able to entice millions of users around the world. In the West might almost say that we have remained captivated the qualities of these manufacturers coming from China. One of them is Meizu, and as are waiting for that Xiaomi a day present his smartwatch, this is you has in advance with its own clock smart.

And we have the first real images of the first Meizu smartwatch. Photographs that show the truth of this smart watch Meizu which we assume will continue to rule imposed by this manufacturer and many others in what it has to do with a great value for money. Its smartwatch is circular and by what see in these images has very good PT, since is directed to the appearance more classic of them watches of all the life, something that gives great elegance as can check with the rest of photos.

Also have a picture of the packaging of the smartwatch that US leads to a box silver with the logo of Meizu that highlights very well. With regard to the own smartwatch, we can find a screen or customizable wallpapers wallpapers, straps in leather and three buttons that are circling the right side of the body of the clock.


Specifications, according to various rumors, the wearable will have in its bowels the Rockchip RK6321 chip which is provided with two cores of Cortex A5, which means that we we have a SoC that it is not aimed at the high-end. This also leads us to another road, and is the Meizu smartwatch does not use Android Wear, since this platform is related to the use of Qualcomm chips.


The possible date for your ad would be on 10 August.

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