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These are the prices of the Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 (2017)

Galaxy A

Yesterday was announced the series Galaxy A in its renewal for 2017 and among those presented three terminals well we were surprised by some of their characteristics most noteworthy such as their fingerprints, its resistance to water and Samsung Pay sensor.

Missed us know what the price of these round smartphones, since Galaxy A3 2017, a mid-range terminal, converted into one very interesting by itself these three features said in the previous paragraph. It passes then to know the price of the same in euros.

We have to the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) as the more affordable with a screen of 4.7 inch, the Galaxy A5 with an of 5.2 inches and, finally, the of best features in the hardware with an of 5, 7″, the Galaxy A7. Pass you by here to meet the rest of the specifications and details, because here same have them prices:

  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): €330
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): 430€
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017): €500

Galaxy A 2017

One of the first markets where these three phones will be launched it will be in Russia, but it will be in this country where the price goes up to the €400, €470 to €550 for the A3, A5 and A7 respectively.

Three terminals well and which is also worth a nice design and that connector USB c-type. If already one wants a screen of 5, 2″ with resolution Full HD, to the seem you small the A3, the A5 is placed as an interesting buy by all what means this brand and by the qualities that offers by 430€. There are smartphones of best specifications to that price, but if one has committed in Samsung from makes time and not want to pass is to the range high, the A5 is located as a special phone.

A moment which becomes the best to buy a Samsung phone by the need for the company to get rid of everything that has happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

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