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This 4K video shows the virtues and benefits of the Google Pixel camera

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While we hope to put it on sale Pixel in our country, we hope to get from any operator, we continue complying with play those videos that demonstrate some of the qualities of this great phone. A device in which the big G is investing a lot of money to make us get advertising like that you saw last week.

The director Matteo Bertoli has taken in his hand a Pixel and has recorded this spectacular video 4 K in which is can witness the great work that performs the HDR and the EIS in the camera of the phone. An excellent composite video presenting the recording to 4K and that capacity for the electronic image stabilization that explained a few days ago a same Google engineer.

What there is that mention is that this video is done by a professional, so id counting with some tricks, although that itself, not adds any lens extra or something similar. It uses a tripod and a “shoulderpod”, but this not removes that the optic of the Pixel and camera do an excellent work as is can demonstrate in the video.

Vídeo pixel

You have the video in 4 K to really check the quality of the image and recording, although 1080 p you can already find many details. This video also shows the importance that is going to take the electronic image stabilization when everyone wondered where was OIS (optical image stabilization).

At the moment we don’t have any smartphone, apart from Huawei Matt 9, until the Galaxy S8 that may introduce you to battle this phone manufactured by the big G and which continues to collect news. A high-end that recovered part of the lost ground and makes us doubt if it is really time to leave the low-medium and throw us pool for the next Pixel S8 and the new Mate 9.

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