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This could be the first official image of the LG G6

Esta podría ser la primera imagen oficial del LG G6

It seems that in this edition of the year 2017, the Mobile World Congress, which annually turns Barcelona into the world capital of mobile technology, will have less expectation that surrounds it every year. On the one hand, the South Korean company Samsung has announced that it will not attend the trade fair this year in Barcelona and that, therefore, it will be there your expected ship logo, the Galaxy S8.

Of another part, LG, the other South Korean of which more is expected, seems that would have little with what surprise to the community once reaches the time of announce your product star and is that them leaks not make but multiply is, and a new image us shows, unless of way partial, what probably will be the new LG G6 of 2017.

The LG G6 is filtered the media, at least partially

Between the next days on February 27 and March 2, the Catalan capital will be the focus of world attention in terms of mobile technology. There in Barcelona, as each year, is going to celebrate the Mobile World Congress, all a show of news technological for smartphone, tablets, devices wearables and others many new hardwares with which them main signatures technological will try of surprise us.

In this edition there will be an absence notable, very remarkable, it of the signs of Korea of the South Samsung, that not will present there its new models of the line Galaxy S8. To the looks, the company prefers not to take risks and wait a little longer, for which would be planning an event that would be held in New York sometime in the month of April.

Another great brand of this event also comes from South Korea, it’s LG but as the rumors and leaks continue at this rate, it won’t otherwise confirm rather than surprise.

The partial image of the G6 LG which, apparently, has everything to be considered official, has been obtained by the publication The Verge; as the Middle notes, “it seems a proper and official-looking image, indeed gives us a vision of the next Korean giant bet”.

LG G6 abandons the modularity and narrow margins

Next to this image, other data put of manifest that LG has decided abandon the modularity “for always” and build a new smartphone with a structure unibody of metal more conventional.

As are running from 9to5Google, “Although this may seem little interesting at the beginning […]” the device shown here has some particular aspects”. Among these particularities is designated specifically a few very narrow top and side frames, while the bottom frame is only slightly larger, so the dimensions totals of the ends “should bring a device that makes a use intelligent front surface”.

“My Mix of Xiaomi is the closest competitor to the new LG phone in this quest to make a full-screen phone”, says The Verge, but be seen to where the company approaches taking into account the incredible work and design made by the Chinese firm on my Mix.

The frame of the G6 LG still has enough space to include a headset jack and the typical volume, while the power button controls / off or activation / rest still stands at the back of the device, along with the dual camera & flash.

All this without forgetting its alleged resistance to water and a little drawback: a non-replaceable battery.

Finally, this screen is slightly curve at its edges, which gives a feeling of fusion with the metal part, and offers a “strange aspect 2:1 ratio (or 18:9, as LG is apparently going to market it) with a resolution QHD and 5, 7″ diagonal.”

It be achieved LG traced the discretion of sales experienced with their previous models? Is this the definitive LG G6? For the moment, we still have to wait to the MWC to confrmarlo.

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