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This futuristic concept of the Galaxy Note 8 integrates the best of the Galaxy S8

Concepto del Galaxy Note 8

It is likely that Galaxy Note 8 future considerably inspires in the S8 Galaxy, at least in terms of design, since that is what Samsung did virtually all the time. Now also can get a better idea of how it could be the final design of the Galaxy Note 8 a conceptualvideo.

In previous years, the range of Galaxy S smartphones became the main inspiration for the specifications and components of the Galaxy Note. The biggest difference between both ranges was the Stylus and one greater screen presence for those who wanted to perform more accurate designs or take notes in a classical way.

After the fiasco occurred with Galaxy Note 7 in the last quarter of last year, many thought that Samsung would give up this series of devices due to the negative publicity. Despite the market terminals has been removed, shortly after that event the company confirmed that it would continue releasing new models within the range Note.

Expected to appear around the 2017 IFA in Berlin, for now are not known too many details about the Galaxy Note 8. The only thing we know is that it will inspire the design of the Galaxy S8 and probably will feature Stylus support.

As a result of these two elements, Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully designer got in touch with the YouTube channel DBS Designing for the creation of the video that is above. This is a conceptual video for Galaxy Note 8 that no part of rumors or leaks that there has been so far, but simply embodies the ideas of their creators in relation to the design of the next phablet.

In terms of the details that we can learn from this video, the similarities with the Galaxy S8 are more than evident. The screen dominates the front of the smartphone, except a few very discrete bezels that are at the top and bottom.

Instead of having edges curved sides, these are rather flatter in the conceptual image. On the other hand, we can see that the designers also incorporated a dual camera at the rear of the Galaxy Note 8, unlike the only camera that exist in the Galaxy S8.

In short, it is still wait several long months until the submission of the next Galaxy Note 8 to discover how will be the final design of the terminal.

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