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This Honor 6 X goes through a hard test of resistance

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A few weeks ago was presented new Honor mid-range phone. We talk about the honour 6 X, a terminal that has a design premium and a price really attractive: 249 euros.

But the name Youtuber JerryRigEverything , famous for torturing all phones that get you ahead has not hesitated a moment in to pass the honour 6 X by its particular and cruel table work. the result? Another phone in his macabre list of tortured terminals.

6 Honor X passing endurance tests

Honor 6X

And, the good old Jerry enjoys performing a series of tests in which puts the limit the capabilities of phones, and the newest member of the family Honor of Huawei would not be less.

First thing it does is remove the screen protector that comes pre-installed on the phone and try to grate the terminal. The result is catastrophic. Without that little guard the terminal screen just really damaged. Lesson number one: buy a good screen protector to your honour 6 X.

The next step is to see the resistance of the lens of the camera and, although in principle it is protected by the same glass that covers the screen, in this case not dse damaged so easily, surpassing blade test.

Not the same thing happens with the top and bottom part of the phone, made of plastic to place antennas and painted so that they do not harmonise with the rest. But nothing like the cutter by JerryRigEverything for these sides made porridge.

Say that back panel and honour SIM card tray 6 X that are made of metal which makes it rather more resistant, although it is quite easy they are scratched. Something normal on the other side

After torturing the phone a little more, JerryRigEverything decided to fire proof: the torque of 6 Honor X. Here the phone lasts less than expected and made just shattered. A phone that, for 249 euros, you can not expect that you have a titanium alloy, although I again remind you of the importance of buying a screen protector. You are warned.

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