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This is Huawei Fit with e-ink display

Huawei Fit

A day to know everything about the imminent Huawei Matt 9, Chinese manufacturer does not want that we lose one of its most striking and I could give with the nail one of the regrets of the smartwatches: the battery. Will has spoken that in the time that a company could launch a smartwatch that will last the battery days, surely could boost this market of wearables.

A smartwatch based on e-ink has been filtered with a circular shape and a few smaller than the Time Round Pebble bezels. This would be the Huawei Honor S1 and surprise everyone by that panel e-Ink, which implies a great autonomy as it happens with readers that we know from Amazon and others such as Barnes & Noble.

E-ink has panels of E-ink as one of the standards in relation to the wide variety of products that are found in this technology the perfect to offer different experiences. From those e-readers that allow a reading relaxed without stress to the eye, until some smartphones that have a secondary screen on the back to customize it with different backgrounds or pick up notifications.


Anyway, e-paper, the mind on the smartwatch of Huawei technology, is a type of screen that consumes little energy and it can run for days in those smaller batteries of the smartwatches. The E-ink of the Kindle uses even less energy, but has a refresh rate lower and has no color, but there is no color in the shared images of Huawei clock.

In those images are found some of them details of the wearable how will be its sensor of rhythm heart and its resistance to the water. You can register turns you give by the swimming pool, and another thing to point out is that the physical buttons are not present, so the touch screen will be the way you interact. The mystery remains the OS that will be used.

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