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This is the craziest unboxing that you’ve never seen

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The “clickbait” phenomenon is the resulting “trick” the avid user of new sensations and those solutions that will fix us life so that, when we give click on that link, we realize that it was not so. The only thing that happens is that if those clicks multiply them by the thousands of people who can perform the same action, it becomes many visits to videos, websites, etc.

The idea today when you perform a unboxing is the attention in any of the ways possible, since, if you do not, your video can stay to oblivion and or add a few hundred reproductions. OnePlus has had an idea a bit extreme and crazy with the unboxing of their OnePlus 3T that has been made from a plane of combat, just a variant of the MIG-15 Russian.

If you want to offer the most crazy feelings when that box is opened to bring up a new smartphone that will draw attention of thousands of users on YouTube, get in touch with OnePlus perform the unboxing, simple.

OnePlus 3T

For the launch of the OnePlus 3T in Europe, OnePlus got in touch with the blogger Jake Paul to be put in the position of CoPilot of a variant of the combat aircraft Russian MG-15 make the craziest unboxing that you’ve never seen. At the same time that the pilot was manoeuvring, Paul was doing the unboxing, until intense maneuvers in which Paul almost falls asleep not to endure the plane pulls and those G turns to an end.

Of this form can return to emphasize that the model of 64 GB of the OnePlus 3T will be at a price of 439€ and the variant of 128 GB by 479€. An unboxing with style and that it opens the door to others well crazy, so stay tuned.

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