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This is the first rear image of the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 will have all the expected attention and if we know that it will be the terminal which will have as exclusive to the chip Snapdragon 835. Not only this, but we know some important details with great filtration that launched The Guardian days ago and was able to mold better what will be this ship Samsung logo.

Today we have the good fortune to attend the first Samsung Galaxy S8 rear image which highlights the fingerprint sensor located to the right of the space for the slow. This massive filtration, already said that fingerprint sensor would happen to that location, so we have an image that corroborates it completely.

To this phone, Samsung had placed the footprints in the same physical home button sensor. As this same it will disappear from the equation of the new Galaxy S8, we were anxious to know how you would play this letter the Korean manufacturer.

Another interesting aspect of the photography, and being at the same time that Britain’s Rotary filtration, is that it will have USB connection type-c. Another peculiarity of the Galaxy S8 will be its aspect ratio that will be 18, 5:9 in screens, both curved Edge models, with dimensions ranging in a minor at 5, 8″ and the largest at 6, 2″.

We can not ignore Connection 3, 5 mm audio jack that declares war on the intentions of Apple so it disappears. The RAM is in the 4GB and where to move tab is internal with 64GB memory, although it may be increased with a microSD up to 256 GB (perfect for Netflix and more).

The back image of the Galaxy S8 says not much more, since what most interests us is the front. A space in which disappears one of the Saints and Samsung sign in time, the physical Home button, so touch see how has arranged all these elements.

On March 29 will be the launch event of the S8 Galaxy in New York, to reach all markets throughout the month of April.

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