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This is the new smartwatch of Casio that takes Android Wear 2.0 will debut in April

Casio WSD-F20

Casio us presented its first smartwatch the year last with the WSD-F10, and now seems that is is preparing to launch a new device wearable that is merely an update to that model, although could add what is the GPS and Android Wear 2.0.

He new model is you has called WSD-F20 and shares features well similar that your predecessor as are them three buttons located in the part right and the certification THOUSAND-STD-801 G for the protection against them elements, as the resistance until 50 meters of depth.

The design of the smartwatch even us lay before one more resistant that the previous. Casio has added a bezel of higher dimensions around the screen, that contains brands of text for the buttons side and a that makes highlight the module GPS. Will be capable of starting quickly a series of apps favorite with them buttons side, for let located the button home in the Center.

Another of the peculiarities of this smart watch is its dual-screen mode, allowing the user to conserve battery life enabling a monochrome mode which only shows the time. An of the news is a sensor GPS of low consumption that works with the feature of maps for activate the tracking of location even when you are offline. For the occasion, Casio will launch an app that allows you to mark locations on a map.

The map data are supplied from Mapbox, and you can download maps for offline use. We ended up with two watch faces that raise the GPS.

The WSD-F20 will be available for purchase since April 21 and may be purchased in Orange and black. Casio has not revealed the price, but it could come in the same range than its predecessor that reached $500. All a Mr clock smart to carry it where one wants without major concerns.

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