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This is what happens when dropped a MIX my Xiaomi


Increasingly there are more rumors about the possibility of Samsung to launch a S8 Galaxy without bevels with a ratio of display/volume reaching 90%. It is the company that started the trend of the screens edge, so you only have to bring that feature to the top of the phone to find a phone similar to the MIX my Xiaomi.

But perhaps you will have to look at some aspects after meeting as a my MIX behaves when it detaches from the hand of a user who has it in his hand. With a construction in ceramic and a screen huge of 6.4 inch that has a 91.3% in the ratio of screen / volume, the MIX not is a phone that seems to be designed so is fall suddenly to the floor.

The proof of this lies in a photograph taken of a my MIX once a unit to escape suddenly a client hand in the shop of Xiaomi in Hangzhou. The gravity made of them yours, and are can see the effect caused in the image that accompanies this entry.


It is worth mentioning that we are talking about a “concept” smartphone and 6.4-inch screen that do not have the protection that other devices have with Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

It is that we are talking about a phone that he has broken molds to the more usual format to one that it seems that it has come of those science fiction films. This is that those who go to buy it, surely won’t put a cover to protect you, since you remove root those feelings spoken by own Terminal beauty to the typical bezels.

Xiaomi my MIX will have its first sale flash this coming Friday for a device that only is can manufacture about 10,000 units a month to be made in ceramic.

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