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This new concept of Sharp smartphone with curved corners will leave you simply fascinated


Sharp went into this battle which is the market of mobile devices in a few years when it introduced the Aquos Crystal with a screen without hardly bezels. A device that remained in the United States and that not we could give our hands to find out if you can choose a terminal such as Thin bezels.

Now is when the company has returned with another phone that leads to another limit the design of a smartphone to the produce a screen with all them corners curved, as is can appreciate in the image shared by it own Sharp.

He has been called as Corner R and has been unveiled in CEATECH 2016 in Japan. It uses the technology of Free-form of Sharp screen that allows the screen to be cut and formed of different shapes and designs.

The screen in if same has a panel LCD IGZO Full HD of 5.2 inches that has a painted simply majestic, with those corners curved that help to create the illusion of that not there are bezel. The screen has 425 ppi and virtual buttons at the bottom. The only thing that happens is that Sharp has not reported the rest of the specifications, so we’ll stay on the lookout for another story that has to do with this interesting terminal.

This would be the next step that curved screen that we have seen in the S6 Galaxy edge and S7 Edge, although here it is on the mystery how Sharp will be able to come up with top so the headphones can be used.

The only major downside to this news is Corner R is nothing more than a concept for now, so it could not arrive in stores as a device that would probably be bought ipso facto by those who found it in a glass case as shown in the image.

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