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This photography will convince you that you buy a Google Pixel

Google Pixel

Makes ones few years was almost impossible chop is with a friend that had an iPhone in it related with the photography, since in this element was clearly superior to which had in Android. Finally, this has changed and now we have a high-end performing outstanding photographs under difficult circumstances. And on the picture one of the elements by which many can change the final decision so that, instead of buying an iPhone 7 Plus, they finally acquire a Google Pixel.

As is the case with this photo that shows just the great work that has made Google with your first phone manufactured. Is this photo that can convince you so, if were doubting by its high price, nor you it think and are waiting for as water of mayo that can buy it from the store of Google. It more curious of this news is that arrives from an editor of a blog that has recognized since always your love by the phones of Apple, by what simply something is changing.

A photograph to fall in love

The photography in conditions of little light usually be now the field of battle in which fight them different manufacturers so that seller of a store any in one of those centers commercial, can tell that them catches that makes a certain device are best that them of another.


And is that this photo taken by that editor shows to all detail the work made by Google, apart from the versatility that had this man for take your Pixel in a night of rain and wind in which others devices, as the iPhone 7 Plus, is them would be for to launch the app of camera and perform the photo. It is not that I invents me it, tomo borrowed his words to make them arrive.

He details it in this way:

I was just crossing the Seventh Avenue of the city of New York in a night rainy and of wind, when stopped to take a photo fast with the Pixel. I could do so by the ingenious shortcut of double-tap the power button to launch the Chamber, an action that works perfectly under a wet environment and where the iPhone Touch ID simply does not work properly. The reason for this photo was to bring out the sharpness and color of DSLR cameras in certain circumstances.

He says this photo has managed to stay captivated pixel, and as that photo would be impossible to take with another phone. This is also due to that Pixel has the HDR mode activated all the time due to the extraordinary rapidity in taking pictures.

The extraordinary pixel

Already have written on several occasions the virtues and benefits of the camera of the Pixel. Here as the software is to blame for this extraordinary photograph, in this other entry capacity which is for stabilization software for fascinating videos or how it behaves in low light conditions.

Omfg, this XL photo Pixel.

-Vlad Savov (@vladsavov) October 27, 2016

In those first days is you blamed to the Pixel that not had OIS (stabilization optical of the image) and that clear that already the camera not was while that the rest of smartphone that if have that functionality. But it’s own software engineer of the big G showing as EIS (electronic image stabilization) could be almost the future of photography. And the truth, if it is able to cause pictures as that heads this post, that surely will be as well.

And it is that when you are pressing the trigger on the Pixel, photography is taken in advance. A phone that is capable of taking many screenshots instantly and combine them in a way together to get that wonderful photograph of New York streets on a rainy night and wind.

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