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This website has everything you can tell Google Now voice support

Ok Google

Voice assistance each you will have more importance in the coming years and it is the same Google at I/O 2016 presented its Home gadget that will come at the end of the year to plunge in home. This assistance by voice is present in other platforms such as Amazon with Alexa itself, but we are already accustomed to using the high efficiency of listening from our device with the great Google Now.

Now is Google when want to give clarity on all voice commands available or what you can tell you now that they will result in any action. The web site has been created by Kristijan Ristovski, who said he who became all herculea task having to keep the list updated with these changes appearing in Google Now commands.

He maintains that his search has led him to find more than 150 commands and more than 1,000 variations. Ristovski will continue to update the web site so that any user can know all the commands. Not to say that the list of commands are not in Spanish, but you can get an idea of all that you can use if you translate them. The only thing that happens is that Google tends to integrate more commands in your language to go then updating them to other languages.

A great list of commands in Spanish we discussed at the time. This list on this website, is characterized by on the left the list of categories, so you can find a voice command in concrete very quickly. I encourage you to pass you and you go trying some such as those related to weather, math or mismamente relationships between people. Another detail what search phrases, you can save valuable seconds.

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