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Those who have bought a Note 7 could obtain a S8 Galaxy free


Samsung will not skimp on expenses to try to make those hits received from front with Galaxy Note 7. This is because that should have the Galaxy S8 as the flagship that has to recover this fall so bad given that still continues to recover from the damage and without really knowing that is what caused it, as we have known a while ago for February.

The Korean manufacturer is spent millions of dollars on the replacement program, nor whether to stay short in content to all those users who bought a Galaxy Note 7 with a good striking decision. And it is that presumably all those who bought a 7 Note could have in his hand the S8 Galaxy without releasing a euro, since Samsung would give it.

Hit book, because it is nothing more than spending $ and $, Samsung will try to regain the trust of the user who has been faithful to the brand and has been in the position of having to return their newly-bought Note 7. Here in Spain it is returning in money liquid.

From Korea can get information about how Samsung could offer the Galaxy S8 of promotion, so if you are of those who’ve gone through a Note 7, you could join the same to have that new ship logo in your hand without spending a euro.

Of all forms, by the information posted makes a while, is collected that Samsung even has delayed the production of the Galaxy S8 until know minibus that has last with the Note 7. One of the possible causes is the housing that protects 3,500 mAh battery out small, although still in research. What it said is that quick decision making even worsened the outcome that we all: the cessation of the production of the Note 7.

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