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Three measures to protect your Android device

Consejos seguridad

From this entry you can access measures to take when we already have a virus or malicious program making mischief on your device. A moment that no one wants to spend, but that sometimes happens unless one had done much so it had that malware program dancing on their own for the system files. The truth is that Android is one of the most secure systems, but lately there is a malware that is finding the way into systems. A system that, if it is properly updated with those security patches that launches Google periodically, will be more protected so the worst from happening.

In this post we will share three measures that will serve to protect your Android device before having to go to find a solution before the infected terminal. As I have said, have the latest version of Android minimizes the problems that we may have because the system is protected and up-to-date before those security holes that hackers seek to introduce such malware, viruses or malicious programs even coming to settle in the system files, so even when you factory reset one is able to remove them.

Do not ROOT if you don’t

Many have become accustomed to ROOT for after using an application that even with time leave to use. ROOT privileges allow us to do many things with the terminal which otherwise can’t be, but it also carries a responsibility to be more attentive to the permissions we give to applications.


You have ROOT on the device also means that you can not demand the manufacturer or Google that has happened to your terminal. Although one of the virtues of the ROOT is offering also a few power tools from major to ensure your phone to install appps apropaidas.

Logically, if you are going to install a ROM custom, the ROOT is essential in order to use it, but as I have said, to install a simple app, it is best to think about it and see if there is any alternative that does not need to modify the system files.

Install apps from authorized stores

We have the Google Play Store like shop essential for installing the best apps and games of the time. There are others like Amazon Appstore which allows access to free games with micropayments also available in this way, and which has the advantage of coming from this great company.


F-Droid is also a virtual open source apps store which is very interesting and allows us to explore the code source to search for malicious programs. Anyway, this store always should proceed with caution, since can I BREW us some along the way.

Finally we have the websites like apkmirror that allow us to access the inspirational most popular apps. A web site safe and usually that access to offer updates of those apps that tend to arrive later. There are more such as apkmirror, but we recommend it to be safe.

The best recommendation is always relegate in stores such as Play Store or from Amazon, since it is very difficult that you may have a problem in these two.

I know the owner of the permissions


If you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow you have the power in your hand every time you install an application. Not give you fear to withdraw a permission that you don’t understand that you have application. If so outside the app doesn’t work properly, you can always revoke your use.

A very interesting initiative by Google that makes installing deadbolt key users, so always good to spend a few minutes checking the need that this new app wants to access phone calls when it is a simple calendar.

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