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Tinder test Boost, a new function of type Premium

Tinder lanza Boost, una nueva función de pago para relanzar tu perfil

Who more, who less, all the world knows Tinder. Even those who do not use this application, either because fortunately they don’t need it, because they believe that not necessary them to flirt or because, simply, they don’t think it will be useful.

He use of Tinder, app that is launched in 2012 but that is popularized throughout 2014 as the last form of linking in the network, has grown both that always them developers van adding new features. The last one that is coming, still in testing phase, is called Boost and basically will serve to put your profile on the rise above the rest.

Boost is a word that could translate to the Castilian as impulse or push, and that is what will make this functionality. Those who hired her, because it should be noted that it will be paid, will receive a boost that will put his profile above the rest for 30 minutes, while we are also using the app, looking for profiles. With this feature, developers of Tinder ensure that multiply the possibilities of that someone is interested in you, given that more people in your area will see.

Of time and as we say, this functionality is in phase of tests and only in Australia. But already is has announced of way official in the blog of the app, where also indicated that soon would arrive to the rest of the world. It is a matter simply of wait.

Not there are data on how is access to this function and, mostly, the cost of the same, although surely is will hire through micropayments, as occurs with other apps that have with features similar. The only thing that has been dropped is that customers of Tinder Plus, or those who already pay for get certain advantages by using this app, will have a free Boost each week.

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