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TLC gets half the BlackBerry Mercury at CES, will present at the MWC


TLC has played to the cat and to the mouse in the CES of the Vegas with its special BlackBerry Mercury that stands out by that keyboard physical QWERTY for what is a phone Android. I say jugar cat and mouse by dropping weeks ago that it would present the terminal at CES in Las Vegas and finally announce that the Mobile World Congress whoever his presentation. That Yes we have seen already at the terminal.

TLC has shared its plans for its portfolio of model mobile, in which a new smartphone BlackBerry QWERTY physical keyboardis stuck fully at the CES in Las Vegas. TLC not has revealed all the specifications, although that already have images real of the same and some that another detail that went then to detail.

He called internally as BlackBerry Mercury, has as features more interesting its sensor of traces fingerprint in the bar of spacing of the keyboard, has a design whole in metal and a part well soft in the part back to the touch. Not is has forgotten of the port USB c-type and works with Android 7.0 Nougat, though the version end of the phone when arrives to the market would be the 7.0.


TLC will reveal all the details of the smartphone in the Mobile World Congress that will have your appointment special the 27 of February. A phone that stands out in the back for that huge space which takes the main Chamber located at the top left and which takes almost all the user’s attention when you take a look at the terminal.

The party front, accustomed to more specific terminals on the screen and little more apart from the front camera, leads to important elements at the top, a few Thin bezels on the sides and the physical keyboard that takes centre stage . We’ll see if users are accustomed to in the front when you arrive at the market.

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