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To it Lemmings arrives Sticklings, a video game in which you have of guide to them stickmens

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Lemmings was one of the most original games when it was launched several years ago. I could play it on a friend and you had to control those special characters heading directly to death, unless we impidiéramos with the different skills that we were getting as we were going through the different levels. We could use umbrella to fall from platforms, make them who will remain unemployed who collide with them to change direction or make them explode so they could open one way by which the rest of the group could pass. The aim was that a certain number of Lemmings will arrive alive and healthy, so it always some would sacrifice for the good of the group.

And it is this same gameplay of Sticklings, a new video game that has come to Play Store and, obviously, drink from the source of inspiration that was Lemmings. Posted in Android and iOS, you will have to complete a series of levels lead to a multitude of stickmens so that they reach the goal which is to exit the level in which are. As they will never stop move to one side or the other, you’ll have to use the different abilities you will have at your disposal to make some sacrifice for the rest. Such as in Lemmings, first skills will help you to block the passage to others or cause it to explode one to open a hole through which run the rest.

It assigns tasks to different stickmen

So all reach the end of the level, we must assign different tasks to the stickmen, or what would be a few Lemmings updated today. Can get that some is converted in an obstacle to them others, that jump, that launch a pump or that build bridges with which the rest of the Group may continue its adventure to the next section.


The different skills will have its peculiarities. For example, to which we give the pump, it will have a 5 second timer that, when the time runs out, will explode. With this, we must measure either when assigning this task to one of the stickmen, since, if we do it a little late, perhaps explode when in the air, what will get that which you still end up dying.

Just the level in the shortest possible time

Another objective of Sticklings is to try to finish the level in the shortest time possible. This will ensure that we elect to bronze, silver and gold medal. The difference between winning one or the other depends on the business are in assigning tasks and that die the least amount of possible stickmens. So, surely that will have to review these levels until you give with the appropriate key to finish the level with the gold medal.


Apart from all those tasks that you can assign, you have the latter destroy them all with a nuke if been blocked any of the forms. Already know, don’t think much and always pulled towards front without any type of rodeo. Sticklings play in the same League that was Lemmings, although its visual appearance is otherwise more 3D and some sticklings who do not have that point well likeable and funny were the Lemmings.

Got you for free from the Google Play Store and the option to remove advertising for €0.99.

Technical quality


Sticklings has great performance at all levels and any kind of lag will be when we go by assigning different tasks to those so bold characters with their big bobbleheads. Graphically it is a very good height with a pretty basic 3D, but thanks to the shadows and special lighting gives a fairly significant touch.

Opinion of the editor


  • That we can play what was Lemmings
  • Great performance in general


  • The first level is so easy
  • Have no option to advance the time

Download application

Download: Sticklings (+Free, Google Play) →

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