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To it Lemmings us going to the time of the cave with Caveman HD

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That those years in which we were perplexed as those small protagonists were going direct to death if we weren’t able to make them “think” with these lemmings we left unemployed, so the rest stroke with them and they could continue their journey to find their way to the exit of the level. A few times in which it was difficult to imagine that we could see that dozen lemmings jump into vacuum decked out with his umbrella or digging with their bare hands to move vertically towards the exit of the level. No we are left short in some imitations, but surely we would have liked to be with so many more we bring those moments for nostalgia.

And here is where it becomes directly Caveman HD since the days of the caveman. Caveman HD it is clearly a clone of Lemmings, this classic video game that I have just explained some of their mechanical and in which we had to lead a group of mad units that roamed through those levels without rhyme or are. Here, Caveman HD plays more prehistoric-themed to get before a group of cavemen we must save as to move to the next level. A game that has a core or base well striking, but missing some success in the visual tone. If not, surely that would be a more appealing game that already is.

The lemmings return from new, but transformed into cavemen

What is the theme of the prehistoric era, the truth that comes very well for a game in which we must Guide to mad goats that or think that a cliff is located in front of them. Themselves pick up and jump to it without thinking of the grave consequences that will have. Luckily, we have us, the guardian angel who shall ensure that they are taken in the right direction and so we can pass the level.

Caveman HD

Here we also have the same game mechanics which consists of go playing each one of those crazy cavemen to grant them some function in particular. At the beginning it will start a tutorial that will teach us the basics of the game as it is placed one who stop others, or tell them that they have to use those hands that have to dig vertically and thus to find the exit in this cave which are.

A variety of skills

The most fun of the Lemmings was the test and failure with those skills that we had at our disposal. According to the number of each of them, we could guess its use, so we had almost made the level. Caveman HD is almost the same that you may have the option of using the climber, who scales walls; the umbrella, to fall easily to the floor; the explosive, that will explode to create holes; the blocker, that manages to stop the road; the manufacturer, which will build a bridge; the miner, which will create a path diagonally; the kicker, to go horizontally; and the digger to dig vertically.

Caveman HD

With them you can go through those levels as they recreate the prehistoric world where those crazy characters called cavemen are found. A game that copies directly to Lemmings and happens nothing by it, but you know what you face.

It free from the Google Play Store. Micropayments, are not just advertising, so enjoy him.

Technical quality

Caveman HD

What is the technical aspect of the gameplay of the game is really very well done. Movements, explosions, environments and character designs comply with expected, but where we can criticize him in those menu screens that appear to be made with reluctance. It seems that this interface was the most boring thing do after devising the videogame.

Opinion of the editor


  • Well reminiscent of Lemmings
  • The chosen theme


  • The interface is bad

Download application

Download: Caveman HD (Lemmings way) (Free, Google Play) →

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